Ladies’ Board Motion

A.) The creation of a Squash Niagara Ladies’ board to oversee the operation of the “Squash Niagara Ladies’ League”;

B.) The Squash Niagara board will collect dues associated with banquet tickets and junior dues for all members; all fees will be in equal proportion for both leagues.

C.) At the full discretion of the Squash Niagara Ladies’ Board, they will open their own bank account;

D.) The Squash Niagara Ladies’ League use of the Squash Niagara rules and constitution with the understanding that the Squash Niagara Ladies’ League may wish to make modifications or improvements;

E.) Joint fundraising ventures will be proportionally shared based on participation in each league;

F.) Individual fundraising initiatives for either league should in no way compete or interfere with the other;

G.) The parties agree to maintain operation under the umbrella of Squash Niagara, which remains as one organization operating two leagues with two boards. Both leagues use the Squash Niagara website and are represented by the same logo. At the full discretion of the Squash Niagara Ladies’ Board, they may choose to use the Squash Ontario Club Locker website or any other independent website. Squash Niagara will attempt to provide a hyper-link from the current Squash Niagara website to any such website the Squash Niagara Ladies’ Board wishes to create. 

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